DeKalb County Schools

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Posting 29:Secondary Language Arts/Dual Enrollment Teacher (Ider) Secondary Language Arts (Crossville High), Ider, Crossville HIgh

Posting 30:Supervisor (12 Months), Central Office

Posting 31:Instructional Coach (2), System

Posting 32:CNP worker, Crossville Middle, Plainview

Posting 33:Intervention Teacher, Crossville High

Posting 34:Band Director, Crossville High

Posting 35:AgriScience Teacher (10 Months), Crossville High

Posting 36:Elementary Special Education Teacher, Itinerant Fyffe Special Services Center

Posting 37: Assistant Custodian  (4 Hr.), Fyffe Special Services Center

Posting 38: Pre-K Teacher, Henagar

Posting 39: Pre-K Aide, Henagar and Ruhama

Posting 42: 12 month Principal, Plainview

Posting 43: High School Secretary, Plainview

Posting 44: CNP worker, Crossville Elementary (2), Collinsville

Posting 45: Secondary Social Science Teacher, Geraldine

Posting 46: Pre-K Aide, Ider

Posting 47: Elementary Teacher , Plainview

Posting 48: Elementary Counselor, Itinerant Moon Lake / Plainview

Posting 49: ½ Library Media Specialist/ ½ Intervention Teacher, Moon Lake (1), Ruhama (1)

Posting 50: Physical Education Teacher, Plainview

Posting 51: Secondary Math Teacher, Plainview

Poting 52: Elementary Counselor, Collinsville

Note: Interviews will not be scheduled until after jobs are posted. Applications will be reviewed and applicants notified if they are to be interviewed. This applies to transfer requests also. Applicants are reminded that the application process begins in the Superintendent's Office.

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