DeKalb County Technology Center

Welcome to the
DeKalb County Technology Center

DCTC is designed to assist it's students with skills and knowledge to graduate from high school with the readiness for employment in a specific occupational field of their choosing, or for future higher education appropriate to the student's occupational objective. We want to create winners and Champions in students pasting through DCTC.

Integrated Academic/Technical Education

Instructors here at DCTC work to increase students' understanding of technical and high thinking problems, which will raise their achievement, and equip them with the knowledge and skills needed in today's workforce. The integration between traditional academic studies and vocational skills is evident in the community as students pursue careers after graduation. With the knowledge that was made available at our scareer technial center, students will have an increased ability to qualify for skilled jobs after graduation.

Dr. Jason Barnett, Superintendent

Jonathan Phillips, Director

Tina Lyles, Assistant Director