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In order to meet the CPR requirements for students and staff, the DeKalb County Board of Education has signed an agreement to become an American Heart Association training site under the training center of Northeast Alabama Community College.  The American Heart Association program manual and updates will be followed along with the guidelines set by the NACC Training Center.

The Superintendent of Education will select a coordinator for the training site. 

CPR Instructors will be selected and trained from each school as needed.

Instructors will be required to give a 30 day notification before classes to the coordinator. This notification will give the coordinator time to assist with supplies and make arrangements for monitoring if needed.

Instructors will be required to return all supplies to the Training Site Coordinator immediately after the class.  All mannequins must be cleaned appropriately before returned. The coordinator will issue cards once supplies are returned along with the roster, skills check off sheets, evaluations and test (if required).

Fees for CPR Classes will be as follows:

1.     Students in the high school Health classes will be charged a $20.00 lab fee.

2.      Students in the Health Science classes at the Career Tech School will be charged a $5.00 fee.

3.      Staff requiring, or requesting CPR certification to complete their job responsibilities will be charged $5.00

4.      School affiliated, but not actual employees (subs, volunteer coaches), will be charged a $10.00 fee. 

5.      Replacement card fee is $5.00


Training Center Coordinator - Jacob Smith (NACC)

Training Site Coordinator - Leah J. Richards

Collinsville -  Debra Myers

Crossville - Mark Quarles

Geraldine - Robin Bynum, Jadie Chester

Ider- Kim Hale

Plainview - Alison Jackson

Ruhama - Amber Smith

Valley Head - Louise McCarty

Technology and Career Center - Megan Hale, Constance Stone