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Notes from the School Nurse:

  • Please notify School Nurse of any Field Trips at least two weeks in advance.

  • If you have students with medical needs, please be sure that the substitute is aware of his/her needs.

  • Confidentiality must be maintained.  Only share medical information on a need to know basis.

  • Thank you for working with your school nurse to ensure the health and safety of all our students.

-----------------------------Worksite Wellness---------------------------------

Worksite Wellness is making a healthy difference for Alabama's state and public education employees. The Worksite Wellness Division’s main purpose is to plan, develop, implement, and evaluate worksite wellness programs. The Division’s state-level staff work in coordination with the Wellness staff in county health departments to provide Wellness services statewide.

ThePublic Education Employees' Health Insurance Program (PEEHIP), in partnership with the Worksite Wellness Division, offers health screenings and influenza vaccinations. The following PEEHIP members are required to participate and be screened as part of PEEHIP's Wellness Program if enrolled in the PEEHIP Hospital Medical group #14000 plan: Active employees and their covered spouses, non-Medicare-eligible retirees, and non-Medicare-eligible spouses on retiree contracts. Each wellness plan year is August 1 through July 31, and all members must be screened either by a ADPH nurse at PEEHIP worksites, at a local health department, ot by a local healthcare provider through submission of a healthcare Provider Form. Please visit our PEEHIP Wellness page for information about upcoming screenings, or visit PEEHIP Wellness Program for more information. 

​Public Education Employees' Health Insurance Program (PEEHIP) Wellness Program:

PEEHIP Wellness is a joint venture between ADPH and the Public Education Employees' Health Insurance Program (PEEHIP). PEEHIP Wellness is a voluntary program, available during work hours, at no cost to public education employees. PEEHIP Wellness screens for potential health problems, makes referrals to the medical community, and educates participants about preventive measures.

Health screenings consist of measurements for diabetes, pulse, blood pressure, fasting lipid profiles, metabolic syndrome screening, risk factor assessment, body mass index (BMI) calculation with weight loss goals, and referral to medical providers. With certain abnormal test results, you may be eligible to receive a voucher to waive the co-pay for a follow-up physician's visit.

​Employees must go on line and schedule and appointment using the on line calendar.  You will be able to find the clinic of your choice easiest by entering the date of the clinic and DeKalb County and then search. You will only be able to set up these appointments 3- 4 weeks prior to the event.  Scheduling is closed 24 hours prior to the event. 

To be eligible for the PEEHIP discount, be sure to complete the health questionnaire with Active Health.